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August 25, 2015

Cord Project Announces Version 2.0 of Its Voice Messaging App

When it comes to the wide variety of communications applications like voice messaging apps, the market is wide open enough that even startups can make a real name for themselves. This is the hope of a company known as the Cord Project which just announced it has released version 2.0 of its voice messaging application. Cord 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS  and was first released in December of 2014. Since the application’s initial release it has seen as many as 500,000 users pick up the app, all around the world.

The company, which was founded by a couple of former Google bigwigs says it has upgraded the application with a number of features that include channels and voice filters. The most impressive upgrade to the app has to be the audio chat rooms that can be organized around locations and interests. These rooms can be created and joined by anyone or they can be made private so that only those given a special invitation will be able to join a chat room. The company believes that this kind of a voice messaging application is better than an app that allows people to text back and forth and it’s more efficient than video.

"Channels are a great way to bring more socializing into our messaging platform," explains Jeff Baxter, Creative Director and Co-founder of Cord Project told NewsChannel10. "You can find and chat with a huge group in a channel, then easily switch to private messaging which Cord is also great for. This new feature might be used by new moms in Brooklyn sharing tips, fans of a TV show, beatboxing contests, or just a place to say 'hi' to people around the world."

The company says that more than two years worth of voice messages have been shared through Cord. This kind of application is geared toward individuals right now, but it’s certainly something a private company could find useful as the technology gets more prevalent. Cord Project pointed out that most of the users of its application are outside the United States. Despite that, the company believes it can grow and get more popular in North America too. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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