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August 28, 2015

RedSky and Unify to Provide Total Protection with E911 for Enterprises

Having an accurate record of the location of every phone in an enterprise is extremely important when there is an emergency. For organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees and facilities with multiple buildings, it becomes even more critical. That is because, in most instances public-safety answering points (PSAPs) only have the location of the phone that was provisioned when the organization established a service.

With E911 systems in place, enterprises will have an accurate location of every phone within their organization. The announcement of the completion of the RedSky E911 Manager 6.4.X with Wi-Fi E911 and Unify's OpenScape Voice Version 8 interoperability verification testing will give enterprises a complete solution that will provide total protection with E911.

The E911 Anywhere and E911 Manager line of products from RedSky gives enterprises a set of tools that allows them to create a meticulous location record of every phone in a facility. No matter how many buildings, floors and rooms there are, each telephone access point will be identified with quadrant information in the record to ensure first responders will know where to go when there is an emergency.

RedSky cloud service is connected to more than 6,000 PSAPs in the USA and Canada. This gives your location access to local PSAPs to get the help you need no matter where you are. This includes integration of mobile devices in enterprise settings.

The successful interoperability verification testing with RedSky’s E911 Manager 6.4.X with Wi-Fi E911 and Unify's OpenScape Voice Version 8 has created a solution that is now available in the market place through both companies and their channel partners.

The E911 Manager Version 6.4.X has added new features, including an easy to use UX, geo coordinate address submissions, and Active/Active servers for redundancy and scalability along with add-on functionalities, which include:

  • An installation on premises that locates devices as they move throughout a campus.
  • When emergency calls are placed, it sends the emergency location of the phone to first responders.
  • Combines with E911 ANYWHERE cloud service to scale and tackle even the most comprehensive voice environment, ensuring the protection of employees with E911 in any building or if they are working remotely.
  • Network discovery for IP phones with real-time location tracking using Layer 3 Network Regions based on the IP address and subnet of the phone, and Layer 2 switch or port on the switch.
  • Wi-Fi E911 for mobile networks uses a software module on E911 Manager platform to track location of Wi-Fi phones in real time and provide routing instructions to the call server when a 9-1-1 call is made.
  • MyE911 for softphone users protects mobile softphone users by prompting them to identify their location to the enterprise every time the softphone is booted up or the IP address changes.

Emergency on-site notification monitors all PBXs and call servers for an outbound 9-1-1 call. When the system sees a call, it gets the location record for the caller and sends a notification of the caller to security desks, and sends emails and SMS messages to administrators and corporate security

"Customers taking advantage of these systems working together can track their devices using Layer 3 IP ranges along with Layer 2 MAC address mapping to the network switch/port and Wi-Fi access points to provide the utmost in granularity. The solution also includes support for nomadic users who work remotely using Unify's softphones and RedSky's MyE911 client," said Kevin Sallmen, Director of Product Management, RedSky.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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