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September 03, 2015

Cass Information Systems Secures Patent for TEM Mobile Application

Cass Information Systems, already one of the leading providers of Telecom expense management (TEM) was just awarded a patent which is directed to a mobile app that allows telecom expense data from smartphones and other wireless devices. The point of this particular patent is to get a bigger piece of a market that still sees most companies outsource their TEM in order to improve processes and get better savings.

Cass Information Systems has come up with a mobile application that has the power and punch of some full-size programs that are usually carried out by a computer that had a full-function browser and a high speed Internet connection. Now this application is able to provide managers with the ability to review and approve invoices as well as generate analytics and conduct data searches in order to review usage and other data. Because the application has the mobile access, the dashboard controls that are put right at the user’s fingertips are easier to manipulate using this kind of system.

"Our customers are more mobile than ever, spending less and less time behind a desk," said Gary Langfitt, president of Cass Information Systems, Expense Management Services in a recent statement announcing new patent. "We are addressing this new normal with a patented solution that allows professionals to review critical analytics of communication issues from tablets or other smart devices and gives them the ability to take action on those items from the device. It's yet another way Cass empowers its customers to make smarter, faster decisions.”

This is actually the second patent in the last two years that Cass has been awarded when it comes to TEM technology. The first patent the company was able to secure allowed the firm to come up with an application that changed the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market by being able to just credit the users of a device in the service of a company. This application got rid of the need for stipends and expense reports being turned in.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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