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September 22, 2015

Ericsson Focusing on 5G R&D in Europe

While 4G LTE is a relatively new technology, the biggest tech companies in the world are already working hard to find the next big thing. When it comes to the communication market, that next big thing is 5G, and among those hard-working firms is Ericsson. Late last week, the company announced that it is expanding its cross-industry 5G Network research and development program.

The 5G for Europe program is geared toward making sure all of the biggest firms in that continent are coming together to work toward a more reliable 5G network when that technology is ready to be rolled out. This will allow Europe to better take advantage of a connected society when it comes to the next generation of communication tools.

"5G is the next step in the evolution of mobile communication and will be a fundamental enabler of the Networked Society. However, Ericsson needs to work together with industries to understand their specific network requirements in order to realize the full benefits of 5G technologies,” Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson said in a recent release.

WiseSense, Weiss Robotics and MyOmega System Technology in Germany and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi in Italy are all part of the effort to better figure out how much 5G can help the communications field in the coming years. Those firms are not the only groups working with Ericsson; the company is in talks with businesses in a variety of industries including transport and automotive, the Internet of Things, utilities, public safety, public infrastructure and retail.

Ericsson first launched the 5G for Sweden R&D program in March, and has been rolling out the program for other countries in Europe over the course of the year. About 60 percent of the firm’s total spending when it comes to R&D is focused in Europe.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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