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September 25, 2015

Samsung to Offer Leasing Program Similar to Apple's

There is very little doubt that Apple is one of the most innovative consumer technologies in the world. The firm sets the pace in a number of different sectors in this larger field, such as the fact that it’s bringing an electric car to the world in an expected 2019. There might be other electric cars on the market right now, but not by a firm that has had the focus Apple has had over the years.

The fact that the Cupertino company is leading the pack on so many things is why firms like Samsung are always looking to follow suit. To that end, Samsung is going to be following Apple’s lead yet again, this time launching its own smartphone financing program. Apple launched its financing program this year, alongside the announcement of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Samsung, according to industry insiders, is going to be launching their own leasing program in the “next several months.” Just like what Apple is doing, the point of the leasing program is to allow people to spread out the cost of the new phone over a number of months, instead of paying a massive fee right up front.

This leasing kind of program appears to be the next big thing, moving away from what had been the industry norm. For years, companies would discount their smartphones in exchange for customers signing two year contracts. That model is starting to lose its luster. This new plan that has been rolled out by Apple allows for unlocked handsets as well as the ability to upgrade to the newest model every year.

The industry has said that Apple’s leasing program is one that will likely help it capture a larger part of the market. That is the prime reason why Samsung is said to be thinking about following suit. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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