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October 07, 2015

Novatel Finalizes Acquisition of DigiCore

Novatel has completed their takeover and acquisition of Digicore. This means that Novatel Wireless, which had already been known as a leading provider of IoT solutions, as well as the inventor of the MiFi technology, now has the infrastructure and experience base of Digicore’s machine-to-machine telecommunications and telematics.

Digicore has been distributing its products around the globe under the name Ctrack, which is a company in South Africa. The acquisition process began in June, and has been fully implemented in the time since.

“Having worked with the DigiCore team over the last couple of years, we were very impressed by the common ideals that we both have for delivering complete solutions for the Internet of Things on a global scale," Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Novatel Wireless said in a recent statement. "As we continue to build our comprehensive stack of solutions, we are empowering our customers and organizations worldwide to simplify and expedite their IoT implementations and quickly generate ROI. This geographic expansion is a natural fit, as we drive toward expanded SaaS offerings with recurring revenue opportunity."

Novatel has a deep understanding of just what DigiCore can do thanks to the fact the two firms have been working together since 2013. The partnership was formed when the two came up with a comprehensive end-to-end software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Now that the two companies are under the same roof, Novatel Wireless will be able to serve the same customers that DigiCore and Ctrack were serving without having to lure those customers away.

Those customers will be able to continue using the devices and services they understand and know. They will also be able to see even better products and services thanks to the deep pockets and experience Novatel Wireless brings to the table.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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