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October 19, 2015

Malware Targeting OS X More Than Ever

A new report has surfaced which shows the age of Mac being safe and secure is apparently at an end. Even worse news than the jump in attacks on computers running OS X is that companies that have been leaning on these computers are especially vulnerable. The firms are more vulnerable than most because there are not a great deal of security firms that are developing software aimed at these computers.

This new report was conducted by security vendor Bit9 + Carbon Black and analyzed more than 1,400 unique OS X malware samples during a 10-week period between June and August 2015. The surveys found that there was five times more malware on OS X equipped computers than in the last five years combined.

For those who are wondering if perhaps this report is an outlier and you’re really plenty safe using your OS X computer, it’s not. While this might be one of the more detailed reports about the problems surfacing involving Malware, there are plenty of other security firms that have found the same kind of information. Kaspersky, Intel Corp and McAfee Labs have all detailed a general rise in the number of attacks waged against Mac computers.

All of this news comes at a time when Apple is trying to get into the enterprise in a very big way. The company has even launched its new iPad Pro as a kind of tablet aimed at the professional set. If it suddenly becomes harder to protect Apple computers over those produced by Microsoft, that will be a large problem for the Cupertino company.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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