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November 06, 2015

1st Point Communications Innovates with its SMS Platform

Last month, TMC’s Erik Linask sat down with Erik Levitt of 1st Point Communications at ITEXPO Anaheim 2015. Levitt co-founded 1stPoint Communications in 2011, and now acts as CEO of the service telecommunications carrier.

Levitt discussed the company’s recently developed and implemented SMS platform, saying, “We did complete the roll-out of our SMS as planned. We terminated several million messages and I’m a little bit lax in my actual numbers, but it’s a fair number. Our ability to direct route and cost route messages has definitely improved our customers’ ability to complete an SMS.”

In addition, Levitt disclosed that the company’s next major step would be to add MMS to that platform. Unlike SMS, MMS contains a mixture of elements such as photos, which makes interoperability a much more difficult task.

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Linask mentioned that he sees this as a huge ability for 1st Point Communications’ customers, since we live in a world where people are constantly sharing information through the use of photos. Levitt is aware that sharing this type of information is growing in size, scope and scale, which is why MMS is the next platform that the company will be focusing its attention on.

1st Point Communications is also working on the application side of the equation. They have been successfully working on integration with a lot of their customer’s apps. 1st Point has created a series of tools that integrates applications and allows customers to operate their business even at a CEO level from their smartphone.

According to Levitt, “This is achieved by providing the integration of voice services, SMS, SMS-enabled and landline numbers, the ability to go SMS to email, vice versa, use email in new ways, and use all these technologies and voice and video to improve the efficiency of your workplace and change with them.”

Check out the full interview below: 

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