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November 11, 2015

Facebook: You Talk, It Sells

If you give yourself some perspective on the Web, you see that it is continually improving the ability for you (humans) to interact with it (programs). I am not talking about Artificial Intelligence, although that near-human experience is a by-product. I’m talking about media.

When Tim Berners-Lee first did a hypertext, it was to link information resources together. Since then, the pools and variety of resources have changed greatly. We gained the benefit of Voice and video, from peer to peer to Content Delivery Networks. All of this is optimized for you.

You should feel honored.

Fundamentally, the Web is going to hit a new point in the revolution with speech recognition, as Facebook works to make the FB Messenger tool an engine for you to do queries. While this is not much different than Cortana or Siri, it has tremendous implications when you consider who will use it.

You see, Facebook is more than ‘you’, while Cortana and Siri represent the benefits of understanding the plural “You” to help you better.

Facebook is doing something different. By putting its speech recognition into its chat tool, they are in effect enabling a third party to be part of the conversation.

Now in reality this is nothing new, but as a consumer it may be the first time the value of your communication is going to be visible to you and of course, whoever you are speaking to.

Facebook’s current vision is to be addressable. For example, “Hi Facebook, what’s my friend Bill doing today?” Then the advertiser gets to connect Bill’s whereabouts to their services and offers.

As this develops though, expect that the data is eventually going to evolve.

FB: “Excuse me, but I could not help but notice that you and Bill were talking about where to meet. May I make some suggestions?

“Jeeves” may not be who you ask anymore, but that does not mean his ghost is not in the machine.

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