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December 03, 2015

Gigsky Gives the World Mobile Data

While some believe the days of the “road warrior” are long gone, many executives still find themselves sitting in airports, conference halls and car services. Technological innovation has made the world a much smaller place with new and exciting ways to collaborate and communicate, but in certain instances there is no replacement to the good ol’ fashioned face to face meeting.

Having reached one’s destination, the first thing most of us do is turn on our smarthpones and search for service, or as Chief Product Officer from GigSky Raghu Tarra put it at the recently concluded Editor’s Day Silicon Valley, “I land in this new place, can I connect? Am I roaming?”

These questions echo through the minds of every international traveler at one point or another; simply put, we expect optimum functionality regardless of location. To address this clear demand, GigSky is a global mobile carrier that offers data services for international travelers. The setup process is as simple as two clicks on your smartphone and the purchase of GigSky’s universal SIM. The SIM works with any unlocked device; Tarra explained most business customers use the SIM in their tablets.

Users create an account and associate a payment method, download the app and once the SIM is setup, service is supported in 90 countries. Prepaid terms include both data rates and a period of validity, and the app offers easy access to available plans. Once up and running there is no fear of the unknown; it grants high quality connectivity when you need it.

After selling to retail customers for two years, the firm announced a partnership with Apple in July, meaning all new Apple devices have the ability to offer the GigSky. The GigSky service is integrated into the Apple SIM.

The global mobile carrier owns its own LTE core and is integrated with some of the world’s top tier mobile operators, aggregating their network and providing end users with access to over 250 networks worldwide. Tarra noted that moving forward GigSky will begin building out its own network, and next year extend SMS, voice and data services.

In the enterprise, Tarra explained the typical end users are SMBs with frequent travelers or ones that have certain applications that would require data services in more than one country, and they only want to have one account with one provider. In addition, GigSky gives visibility into how data is being used, consumption, etc., and works on a post pay model with a commercial agreement. Based on monthly consumption, an invoice is sent.

When traveling, whether it’s business or pleasure any headache is an unwelcome one, especially in regard to remaining connected in today’s always-on, always plugged-in world. People seeking a hassle-free experience where signup and setup is quick and painless it would be worth the time to take a gander at GigSky. As Tarra exclaimed, “You don’t have to create multiple accounts, deal with multiple SIMs to gain access to 250 top tier networks in 90 plus countries with two clicks on the app.”

Yes. It is as easy as it sounds; don’t leave yourself searching for a signal again.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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