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December 03, 2015

SpiderCloud Weaves Web of Connectivity for Enterprise

As the use of mobile devices has increased exponentially in recent years, so too has the demand for improved connectivity. People expect to connect when and where they please at the push of a button, whether in the office or a hotel on vacation with the family this expectation is across the board. At the recently concluded Editor’s Day Silicon Valley SpiderCloud Vice President Marketing & Product Management Amit Jain told TMC, “80 percent of IT managers are willing to spend money to fix the cellular coverage issue”—clearly a larger issue than many realize.

Now being deployed by operators in the enterprise, SpiderCloud developed the industry’s first scalable small cell system. The scalable Small Cell E-Ran System can be deployed in a 500,000 square foot building in less than a week—just ask the British Department of Health, it only took a few weeknights to have the system fully deployed and implemented.

The typical distributed antenna systems normally cost more per square foot, take eight to nine months to deploy and only make sense for larger corporations. SpiderCloud provides a solution for medium to large enterprises at about a third of the cost of a distributed antenna system, and instead of months, deployment takes several weeknights.

Jain explained that by basically shrinking a cell tower down to an access point (small cell), each building can meet the data requirements demanded. He noted, “10 years ago, in the world of voice, you could only use your phone to call. But with data, demand is practically unlimited,” and for this reason Jain notes SpiderCloud provides a “massive amount of cellular capacity” and continues to develop its solution to improve capacity.

Public facing enterprises like hotels, hospitals and casinos accommodate hundreds of guests daily—all requiring high capacity connectivity. Jain noted that satisfied customers are more productive, spend more time in your facility and “they know that they’ll have good connectivity.”

The firm recently announced a partnership with Cisco and is currently working with providers like Verizon, Vodafone and America Movil.

Another area of focus for SpiderCloud is mobile edge computing. For example, an enterprise wants very specific content policies. While today’s Wi-Fi networks can be easily configured for this type of regulation, but not with cellular. With the SpiderCloud system in place, these policies can be applied to only appropriate people within the building in a user-friendly manner.

Connectivity is integral to the enterprise. Firms seek a reliable solution to meet the ever-expanding data demands of today’s digital lifestyle. Jain echoed this need, and noted SpiderCloud is “making the cellular network intelligent,” and intern keeping productivity, collaboration and communication at appropriate levels.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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