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December 07, 2015

Plantronics Manager Pro Delivers Wireless Headset Updates

Plantronics, a major player in audio communications for both businesses and consumers, has introduced a new capability via its Plantronics Manager Pro audio device management tool. The new feature is designed to simplify audit and deployment security, as well as compliance enhancements, to DECT wireless headsets across an entire organization. This industry-first capability makes it fast and easy for enterprise IT and network security managers to ensure compliance with the latest DECT security firmware enhancements.

Earlier in the year, Plantronics rolled out updates for a number of its cloud software offerings, including Plantronics Manager Pro with the release of Plantronics Hub version 3.5. The goal of this update was to enhance communications and collaboration.

Today’s update, on the other hand, is far more focused. The goal is to bring unprecedented simplicity, control and visibility to what were traditionally time-consuming processes. Enterprise IT managers can now push the latest DECT security updates to Plantronics Savi 700 and the Plantronics Savi 400 series headsets throughout an organization with ease. Indeed, compliance and security policies for all USB headsets connected to a network can be viewed and audited at a glance.

Recently, Plantronics joined forces with Avaya to address the need for simplification in contact centers and unified communications. With this latest update to Plantronics Manager Pro, it’s clear that Plantronics is committed to bringing simplicity to every facet of modern audio communications.

"Plantronics has always gone to great efforts to make sure our DECT products are secure and fully-compliant with the latest DECT standards," said Christopher Thompson, vice president of solutions marketing at Plantronics. "When we released the firmware update that provided an additional level of DECT security, we knew to offer our resellers and customers a simple way to deploy it. With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT and network security teams can quickly audit USB headsets from any vendor and remediate those that may not meet their company's security posture."

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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