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December 09, 2015

Celltick Turns UI into Engagement Opportunity

What if I told you a smartphone is not really a smart phone at all, just a powerful phone; even the most recent iterations of iPhones and Droids still struggle when it comes to the user interface (UI). Today’s UIs make calling and messaging more difficult than necessary. Why should you have to constantly search for the apps you use most, shouldn’t your “smart phone” know?

Vice President Marketing & Business Development for Celltick Ramgopal “Anand” Vidyanand told TMC at Editor’s Day Silicon Valley that is most definitely should. He explained that UI hasn’t really changed over the last 25 years. We log in, launch an application and use that application. Celltick believes it has answered the above question and more.

The team at Celltick began its journey with a focus on making UI easier and simpler to use, and in the process user engagement grew to be a key piece to the puzzle. According to Anand, in the United States mobile users open their screen between 70-80 times a day; in the eastern world this number escalates to 150-200 times a day. Half of the time we don’t actually do anything, checking for messages is a learned behavior.

With Start installed, the UI will suggest news and information for you based on your habits. Per Anand, “The idea is not about trying to make money on big ads,” it is more of “let me try to engage you a little bit more.” The device begins to know the user. Celltick is focused on streamlining the interface, and eventually it will be suggesting apps and evolve more.

By partnering with Celltick, operators can target users with a more personalized experience. And, offer relevant deals and specialized offers—not just random advertising or spam. By leveraging analytics and providing visibility into behavior, services and offers can be tailored.

With over three million monthly active users, the app is available in the Google Play Store and Celltick is working with OEMs to standardize the interface. Anand projects end users to expand exponentially in the upcoming calendar year.

With giving the customer what they want as an end goal, I would say Celltick has embraced the customer is king philosophy in addition to general frustrations with the “smart phone.” According to Anand, at the end of the day, it’s “All about giving the customer what they want.”

Just beware: if you download the app (available for Android), you may never go back…to your old UI that is.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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