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January 06, 2016

ZTE Needs Your Help to Make its Next Smartphone

Innovation in the smartphone space comes so regularly, efficiently, and quickly that practically every smartphone these days is pretty good. It’s gotten so that even low-end devices can provide a decent experience with better than just passable performance and battery life. This is great for consumers, but for smartphone manufacturers, it’s kind of a problem. How can they innovate and differentiate in a saturated, competitive market?

ZTA USA, one of very few smartphone manufacturers willing to put Firefox OS on its devices and a company perhaps better known for its low-end phones than its flagships in North America, believes it has the answer to this innovation dilemma. In 2016, when every new phone has a big, high resolution display, fantastic processing speed and a fingerprint sensor, ZTE is turning to the consumer with Z-Community.

Z-Community is a member-led forum that is meant to help shape the future of ZTE’s mobile devices and services. Rather than sticking with the latest trends, the company is asking the public directly what it wants to see in a smartphone. The goal of Z-Community is to help create a community-sourced mobile device currently referred to as Project CSX. When the device is revealed in 2017, though, it will probably have a different name—maybe even one the community will help choose.

“In 2015, we proved we put consumers at the heart of everything we designed, built, and delivered through the Axon smartphone series. We worked hard, persevered, and strove for greatness as defined by consumers and users,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “In 2016, we are taking that approach to a new level and will look to Z-Community for more than improving upon what ZTE has already done, but how we develop products and services moving forward.”

Aside from helping create a smartphone, members of Z-Community will receive exclusive access to events, rewards and products. For example, ZTE sent fans to Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. Those interested can register for Z-Community at community.zteusa.com.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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