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January 08, 2016

Qualcomm Quick Charge Now Supported by the Lattice Flexible Charging Controller

The average home in America probably has more cords and charging cables than people really want to deal with. Any time a company emerges with news of increased compatibility or support for a standard, it is a welcome development to have more options available to a lesser number of standard cables. Such is the case with Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC or Lattice) and Qualcomm. Lattice has made the announcement that their flexible charging controller family known as the LIF-UC family, will now support the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard.

Qualcomm runs two product technologies known as Quick Charge 2.0 and Quick Charge 3.0. These are rapid charge technologies that satisfy the need to get mobile devices recharged very quickly. Qualcomm Technologies has implemented Power Management ICs (PMICs) that are designed with optimized charging architectures that are built into mobile devices. This in turn utilizes the Quick Charge technologies which are now supported by the Lattice Flexible Charging Controller family.

Together, Qualcomm Technologies’ Quick Charge technology and Lattice’s chargers are fully compliant with the USB Power Delivery v2.0 specification. Consumers benefit from rapid charges in their mobile devices. Quick Charge 3.0 systems are capable of charging 400 percent faster than conventional technologies are able.  The object of the combined products is to create a base of flexible solutions that can provide charging capabilities for all types of devices.

Flexibility is a key to the charging family’s platform. Lattice has integrated the IC’s into the power adapters so that they might be programmed for future use. This means that the chargers can be adapted to a wide variety of specifications.

Since not every device has the same requirements, the system is also flexible in the ultimate design to fit multiple types of charging profiles. The vision is that one device can be utilized to power multiple devices quickly and efficiently. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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