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January 21, 2016

AeroFS Releases New API and SDKs to Empower Developers

AeroFS, a provider of highly secure, enterprise-class file sharing and a synchronization solution that allow enterprises to control and secure their information, offers APIs and software development kits (SDKs) that help developers integrate its technology.

The new AeroFS API version 1.3 has been released along with three new SDKs to accelerate the many different capabilities of AeroFS with existing as well as new local and cloud-based applications and workflows.

Developers can use native programming language, such as C#, Go or Python, with Javascript soon to follow, to code applications quickly for desktop, web-based and mobile platforms.

 “Our new SDKs give developers full access to every data and user account management function available in AeroFS for managing users, creating shared folders, files and accounts, downloading files, and much more, using popular languages and frameworks that are familiar to the developer community,” said Matt Pillar, director of engineering for AeroFS.

With collaboration a key component of today’s work environment, AeroFS addresses the security concerns of enterprises as their employees send sensitive information back and forth on their smartphones, tablets and computers from different locations.

The new API and SDKs lets companies create their own customized and branded solution by bringing together their own applications with that of AeroFS. This includes support for data and workflow automation applications, generating reports and pushing documents to cloud-based systems.

There are many ways in which APIs can generate growth for companies. According to Iyer and Subramaniam, Salesforce.com generates 50 percent of its revenue through APIs, Expedia.com generates 90 percent and eBay, 60 percent. And in conclusion, they said, “All CEOs may soon need to find ways to align APIs with their growth strategies.”

The AeroFS C#, Go and Python SKDs are available now, with the Javascript SDK is expected to be available later this quarter. And all the AeroFS SDKs are available to developers at no cost on the company’s Github page.

In an article written by Bala Iyer and Mohan Subramaniam on the Harvard Business Review (HBR), they highlight the increasing importance of APIs to businesses. They begin their article, which is titled, “The Strategic Value of APIs” by saying, “Today, a firm without application program interfaces (APIs) that allow software programs to interact with each other is like the internet without the World Wide Web.” That might sound a bit dramatic, but the analogy is on point. Application programming interfaces are critical, which lends more value to the new API and SDKs released by AeroFS.

The vast majority of businesses now know the opportunities APIs present, but there is still a knowledge gap when it comes to fully harnessing the technology for increasing a company’s presence to a wider audience. The recently announced All About the API conference which will be held in Las Vegas from July 18-21, 2016 will educate businesses with hack-a-thons and in-depth company-focused workshops by key vendors and powerful keynotes speakers. According to the organizers, “Every business has to pay attention to the new opportunities they are presenting or potentially be displaced.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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