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February 03, 2016

Despite iPhone's Tough 2015 YoY, Apple Sees 20 Percent Growth

As 2016 gets underway, Apple has received a couple pieces of bad news. First, it turns out that more than one industry analysts believes that markets are moving away from tablets and smartphones and towards detachables, something Apple isn’t really dabbling in just yet. Next, Alphabet (otherwise known as Google) just overtook Cupertino as the most valuable company in the world. And iPhone growth has slowed to an unpredictable grind.

Despite those pieces of bad news, it turns out Apple is doing just fine. Juniper research just released a new report which showed that the company had a 20 percent year over year growth in revenues. The funny thing about Apple is that even with good news like that, the firm is actually a bit disappointed in the numbers, considering that growth is among the slowest in the recent history.

Part of the problem is that YoY growth for the iPhone registered at just 0.4 percent. Despite that incredibly low number, the company had enough success early in the year to make up and hit that 20 percent number. In total, the Juniper research report underlines that smartphone and tablet shipments are declining across the board.

The industry analyst found that Samsung, saw better growth in its smartphone shipments than Apple, but it still came in under one percent YoY. In total, the company saw 317 million units shipped in the form of smartphones. Both Samsung and Apple can be happy they had better years than Microsoft, which continues to have almost no success getting its smartphone department off the ground. The company, which has been leaning heavily on its PC and video game departments for big time revenues, saw its year over year sales drop by a massive 57 percent. In total, the company managed to ship just 4.5 million smartphone units in 2015.

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