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February 03, 2016

Patriot Technology Launches ClaimsAlert Smartphone App

Patriot Technology has launched a new mobile application that will streamline incident reporting. The new application is called the PN ClaimsAlert. This PN ClaimsAlert allows for users to control and speed up the incident reporting with just the push of a button. The application will allow for users to report an incident anytime, anywhere, from employee to employer. This means that incident reporting time is vastly reduced and that means that reaction to these incidents can be carried out quicker and will far more effective.

The goal of companies who will be using this application is to keep these incidents from turning into full-fledged claims. That will mean the company has been able to avoid costs to themselves and they will not have to pass on those costs to other people such as their customers.

"We take pride in delivering innovative, market-driven and cost-effective technology solutions to the property & casualty market," said Judith Haddad, President of Patriot Technology, in a recent statement. "PN ClaimsAlert was designed for use across all mobile platforms and the app is available on the Apple store as well as on Google Play.”

Insurance companies all over the world are looking for advances in technology that will make those companies that much more effective. There have been all kinds of technology that has popped up but mobile applications look like they could be leading the way. This particular application comes complete with a dashboard that does quite a bit more than allow users to report incidents. The UI has a ton of different metrics that allow underwriters to better examine the incidents that are logged. This review will allow those same underwriters to come up with ways in which they can mitigate problems in the near future. 

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