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February 10, 2016

Vyke Moves Mobile Telephony Forward with VoIP Apps

Mobile telephony has liberated us from the tethered world of land line phones, but it also means we are always accessible and can never get away from callers we want to avoid. With only a single number, users are limited if they want to compartmentalize the different part of their lives with unique numbers. Vyke has solved this problem with the launch of its new app that will give users the option of adding up to four additional mobile phone numbers on a single device.

This app takes the concept of having multiple email addresses and has applied it to phone numbers. As Mark Egginton, CEO of Vyke, said, "We know that mobile users have multiple personas, but until now they’ve only been able to have one phone number per device. Using Vyke they can now separate the different parts of their lives with different numbers, giving back both control over who calls them and when, whilst protecting the main mobile number identity.”

The ability to have multiple numbers means you no longer have to carry more than one device. It also means you can keep the number issued by your service provider anonymous, giving it only to family and friends.

The new Vyke app is free to download for iOS and Android users at the App Store and Google Play. The company is offering the first number for free, and three additional numbers can be purchased for $/£0.99 each per month.

Currently the app provides in-bundle international mobile calls and texts with mobile number ranges from UK, USA, Canada, Poland and Netherlands, with more countries coming in the near future.

Vyke is a UK-based, mobile VoiP provider that has been creating innovative communications solutions, including the development of SDK/API’s and fully managed end-to-end white label of the new product to allow other service providers to create their own services using its infrastructure.

Some of the key features of the app include up to four real extra mobile numbers, free voicemail on each number and the ability to decide when each number is on, off or sent to voicemail.

Egginton added, "We believe that our new VoIP app will revolutionize voice calling in the same way that WhatsApp re-invented messaging. Our belief in this has seen us commit to a 12-month development cycle for the app and so we’re excited to let users start to download it."

Whether you are popular teenager, or a business that needs multiple numbers, Vyke now gives everyone the same access at a price point virtually anyone can afford. Be sure to bring up this new app at the upcoming All About the API conference, where experts will discuss the future of API and current best-practices. 

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