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February 19, 2016

Cypher Delivers Noise Reduction to Cisco Instant Connect

Cypher, a company that provides next-generation audio enhancement solutions, has already answered the call for better mobile audio quality with its technology that reduces background noise in phone calls up to 17 times better than most smartphones today. Now the company is taking this tech to another frontier through a collaboration with Cisco Systems.

This collaboration will see Cypher implement its voice isolation software for use in Cisco Instant Connect, a push to talk (PTT) messaging service designed to provide the kind of fast, accurate, coordinated communications required in applications like mining, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, hospitals, schools, and the public safety sector. As such, Cypher will be helping clients that include municipalities and one-to-many first responders, to which call clarity is extremely important.

Also as part of this collaboration, Cypher is officially a Cisco Solution Partner. As a part of the Cisco Solution Partner Program Devnet, Cypher can quickly create and deploy solutions that enhance the performance of mission critical PTT software like Cisco Instant Connect.

“At Cypher, we have spent the past three years perfecting a new method for achieving breakthrough voice isolation performance in noisy environments,” said John Walker, Cypher's CEO and co-founder. “Cisco's Instant Connect solutions are a perfect fit since they are often used for voice traffic by first responders in extreme environments where being understood can be a matter of the highest importance.”

Cypher’s breakthrough approach relies on smart use of math, neural networks and pattern matching techniques to detect and isolate the target speaker’s voice, while ignoring all other background noises. Unlike traditional noise reduction methods and HD voice technologies, Cypher’s technology doesn’t rely on specific hardware, infrastructure upgrades or network compatibility, making it a more flexible and adaptable option.

“By isolating specific elements of human speech, our technology can eliminate virtually all background noise, improving voice clarity and speech recognition performance in a much more affordable software-based solution,” added Walker.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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