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March 09, 2016

Two Industry Leaders Partner to Drive Mobile Workforce

We all know the mobile workforce concept has been on a rapid rise over the last several months, and as businesses discover the value inherent in drawing from a workforce pool located worldwide, more businesses are looking to add on at least some mobile component. Taking advantage of this movement, Worksoft and Perfecto Mobile recently got together in a new technology partnership geared toward bringing more mobility to the workforce.

The partnership brought into being a new enterprise-testing solution, allowing for easy automation of business process testing across a host of devices. On-premises test labs were fair game, of course, but cloud and hybrid-based mobile devices could be brought into use as well. Since Worksoft is a provider of automation software, and Perfecto Mobile focused on the mobile end as its name suggests, the duo could bring out a newer, better way to perform testing.

As described by Worksoft's chief technology officer Shoeb Javed, the combined effort allows Worksoft Certify to bring in “...fast, cost-effective business process test automation that speeds up digital projects while ensuring high quality across the board in mobile, Web and cloud-based enterprise apps as well as critical back-end systems.” Perfecto Mobile's business development vice president Alon Geva added a note of assent, pointing out the combined effort would “...mitigate risk and lock in business process quality across complex enterprise landscapes where mobile apps and devices represent the fastest growing technology stack.”

This should mean good news for the mobile workforce, though not necessarily immediately. The partnership doesn't seem to have immediate benefit for the mobile workforce, but rather, has a delayed benefit. With this new partnership, it should ultimately improve the quality and functionality of mobile apps available, and that makes the mobile workforce better by association. It's almost like selling shovels in a gold rush; while not directly related, it's indirectly related by providing better tools for the directly-related portions to work. In the end, that should mean better apps, and the opportunity to get more done when not physically in the office.

The mobile workforce's value isn't going away any time soon; access to remote talent, work across time zones, and a host of other benefits all come together to yield value for businesses that can't be easily passed up. As it continues to evolve, better tools will help us all take advantage of the mobile workforce, and developments like Worksoft and Perfecto Mobile's should go a long way toward producing those better tools.


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