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March 15, 2016

FutureDial Reaches 33 Million Device Milestone

Mobile device handling companies such as wireless carriers and buy-back operations know what it is like to deal with a range of supported devices. They may purchase or repair phones from a variety of manufacturers, and in the effort to support as many customers as possible, they may become inundated with requests for their services. This leads to a glut of device makers and models that carriers need to keep straight in their inventory.

FutureDial, a company that develops software to handle the tracking of devices, users, and user data, recently announced that it has surpassed 33 million devices processed as a software provider for its collection of global business agents. It gives carriers and buy-back companies the power to handle unit identification, user tracking, contract management, verification of unit status such as “lost” or “stolen,” and unit updates to place the latest firmware on used devices. Thomas Rayas, the senior vice president of marketing and customers’ success for FutureDial, quickly commented on his company’s software’s purpose:

“Our accelerated, one-touch process has saved our customers up to 60 percent in processing time and floor space enabling them to scale their operations within their existing footprint thereby meeting market demands,” Rayas said.

George Huang, the CEO of FutureDial, also had his share to say about meeting the 33 million mark. He specifically mentioned the year-end backlogs that clients typically experience during seasonal peaks such as the Christmas and New Year’s holiday rush in December each year. The FutureDial software reportedly helped Huang’s customers significantly pare down their backlogs by making it easier to handle a large load of devices.

Although this year showed that carriers have been inundated with returned devices, the situation could become even more prevalent in 2016. If FutureDial is correct, customers across the U.S. will trade or return about 47 million devices this year. The discrepancy between those two figures leaves 14 million left for this software company to seek out by handing new clients its software.

Of course, that sort of ambition could serve FutureDial well in the years to come. The proliferation of mobile device use across the globe is not slowing, so software that can properly handle devices and users in a streamlined fashion can ride that trend and show the market exactly what efficient device management can look like. The more milestones Rayas’ and Huang’s company meets, the more leverage they will have to show clients the importance of using an all-in-one application to complete everything from upgrades to unit verification. From there, FutureDial only needs the public to continue trading in their devices, a trend customers fuel with their insatiable need for the latest, greatest handset.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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