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March 21, 2016

AetherPal Offers Answer for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility has quickly become the go-to for business communications needs. As the market rapidly expands, so to does the need to offer support for end users. Not only will adding mobile support to businesses improve user experiences, it will also help to lower traditionally high IT support costs.

Answering to this need is AetherPal, a New York-based provider of Mobile Support Management (MSM) solutions for enterprises and mobile operators.

To hear more about the company, their offerings and where the market is headed, I recently caught up with AetherPal CEO Dan Deeney.

Deeney noted that today, enterprises are accelerating the development and deployment of line of business and 3rd party mobile applications and the IT help desk is quickly becoming the primary point of contact for mobile support issues from app support to set-up and configuration problems and even device troubleshooting.

“Since many employees are required to use enterprise applications to perform their work, mobile support is becoming a mission critical function to drive productivity and reduce downtime,” Deeney said.

To meet this need head-on there was a need for an offering that is provided in real-time to end users so they can solve any problems on their own, as they happen.

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, the company answered to this need with the introduction of Valet. The offering drives real-time mobile support for end users through an on-demand self-service and secure messaging application. 

For users, it’s bringing them exactly what they need, when they need it.

Valet is, “a user-friendly, secure and scalable platform that provides the mobile user with the resources they need to resolve support issues quickly, efficiently and, in many cases, on their own.”

For IT teams, this means less burden and stress on resources doing tasks like password resets, health checks, notifications about outages and even tutorials and device wizards for common problems.

Support in real-time is now a demand much more than it is a trend.  As this continues, we’ll see real-time ‘everything’ shaping how services are delivered.

As Deeney explained, “We’ve all experienced how mobility has changed our personal lives with real-time, always on information and communication.  The very nature of mobility has also transformed how companies conduct business, how they communicate with employees and contractors and how work is performed.  We’re living in a ‘thumb-driven’ world.”

“We designed Valet with a vision to focus on the needs of the end user to drive a mobile support experience that would enable users to realize the full benefits that mobility has to offer.”

So what’s in-store for the enterprise mobile market over the next year?

According to Deeney it’s entering a new growth phase with the transformation of business processes around mobility, specifically the deployment of a greater number of enterprise applications on mobile devices. 

He predicts that over the next five years, we will see ‘app parity’ between what we have today for PC and web based apps and enterprise mobile applications.

In fact, Deeney said the ‘app parity’ adoption cycle has already begun and will accelerate over the next few years. 

Another important point of focus will be mobile security and support. For businesses, they have emerged as the two primary pain points in enterprise mobility. Deeney said companies are looking to secure access to enterprise applications and corporate data while also re-thinking their mobile support strategies. The end goal is to provide an enhanced mobile support experience that will drive productivity and lower support costs.

AetherPal has positioned Valet to drive on-demand mobile support and to help companies realize the full benefits of mobile transformation.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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