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May 03, 2016

iPass Releases SmartConnect SDK to Bring Wi-Fi to Mobile

iPass, a provider of mobility management and Wi-Fi connectivity services, announced that it has launched the “world’s smartest mobile connection technology.” It is, understandably, excited about the prospect.

This new technology takes the face of a software development kit (SDK) that iPass has released to the world’s developers. With the new SmartConnect SDK, enterprises can link their own mobile apps to the iPass global Wi-Fi network that offers more than 50 million hotspots in 120 countries. Gary Griffiths, the CEO of iPass, called this launch one of the pivotal moments in his company’s history.

“iPass has a twenty-year history of connecting its customers to the information that matters the most, and a rich intellectual property portfolio reflecting this heritage,” Griffiths said. “The launch of our SDK may be remembered as the most exciting chapter in this story – the key building block in our goal to be embedded on one billion devices by the end of next year. Our new developer program unlocks our technology to the endless creativity of our partners and customers.”

The goal of reaching one billion embedded devices by the end of 2017 is lofty, but the SDK could help make it a reality. The new software kit first allows developers to create custom interfaces on which Android and iOS users can select local networks. Apps can display all accessible networks in an area – regardless of whether or not the networks are inside the iPass collection – and allow the iPass quality of service (QoS) database to sort out the details.

Users will be presented with information from the QoS database, which offers details about each connection’s reliability and security, so they can be sure to connect to the network that best works for their needs. The database will also collaborate with the SmartConnect SDK to automatically choose the best network in any given list.

Griffiths noted that the ultimate goal with this release is to generate value within mobile apps. For both enterprises and their clients, value inside a mobile app directly relates to its functionality; therefore, when a mobile app can automatically choose the best Wi-Fi networks while also performing its primary functions, its value should increase. Developers may also see an increase in value of their apps because they will not need to compromise the core functions in their apps simply to gain Wi-Fi connectivity. iPass wants to work seamlessly with all its customers’ apps.

This release has the potential to affect nearly every type of market because there is nowhere that Wi-Fi cannot become an asset. Griffiths’ company expects the SDK to have an impact on hospitality, travel, retail, and the Internet of Things, just to name a few. Connections between iPass and its enterprise partners can begin immediately.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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