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May 13, 2016

T-Mobile Launches New Family Plan

Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced a new and cheaper cell phone plan directed at families. For 30 dollars per line per month, or 120 dollars total, T-Mobile customers can get unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 6 GB of data each. This data does not have to be shared amongst family members, and unused data can also be rolled over into the next month for up to a year. Any additional lines can be added to the plan if desired for an additional 20 dollars per month.

Having such a large amount of data available per user per month is especially valuable for T-Mobile customers. This is because the mobile provider already has unlimited data for streaming music and video. Devices on the T-Mobile network already have had unlimited data for streaming music and video services like Pandora and Netflix. Now, users will have even more freedom to use their data for social media, web browsing, and other app usage.

The willingness of T-Mobile to make this much access to data available is part of a much larger trend in the United States of a move to mobile devices. Clearly, people are on their mobile devices more and more and thus require much more data than they have in the past (as they are often on these devices when they are out and about). This new plan from T-Mobile will likely be the first of many similar ones from other mobile providers that focus on getting their customers data above all else.

This should only serve to underscore what we already know. The use of mobile devices is more prevalent than ever, and still increasing. Marketers thus need to adjust their strategies accordingly, and put a focus on mobile at the forefront of their marketing efforts. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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