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June 16, 2016

Applications & Service Reliability in an IP World

Communications development is a beautiful thing - offering users rich media experiences by leveraging an API here or there, throw in a dash of video, some voice, some bells and whistles, and off to play with your new business application you go. In theory, this is great, but the process is far more complex and involved. And, as business applications continue to grow in complexity and prevalence questions are abound.

According to VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan Michael Suby, businesses are asking questions like, “where do we want to host our applications?”, “what type of licensing model should we use?” and from an analyst side looking at where a firm’s resources exist today is changing drastically.   

On a recent CommsDevZone Podcast, Suby explained how the nature of users has transformed from “Predominately sitting in a big shiny building and conducting their business,” to today’s “mobile state.” He noted, “No longer are we conducting work from a workstation, we’re conducting our effort from a virtual workstation.” The times they are a changin’ – or have changed rather.

The new generation of applications is serving as impetus for the development of network services and platforms to host them. “The application environment is transitioning in a very radical way,” Suby illustrates that traditionally, one viewed business applications as extremely comprehensive, but today with the explosion of Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and development tools, capabilities offer “the ability to create apps on the fly and mash-up various parts of code to create new application is very much a radical departure from what it used to be in the past.” He continued, “In some regard, while that type of application dynamic nature is great from a functionality standpoint it also can have the implications of putting reliability at risk.”

The point is simple, “There’s always a yin and a yang in these sorts of things,” specifically, enhanced functionality versus reliable performance. Service reliability is mission critical, as Suby offers the example of a business that relies on its voice communications. A customer suffers a negative experience as a result of poor reliability in one’s IP network, and is destroying your brand within minutes on social media. This scenario can be avoided with the proper protocols in place, whether we’re talking about significant loads on the network’s edge or the “Christmas Rush,” “a single person with a bad experience can mushroom into somewhat of a PR nightmare. “

On June 24, Suby will be joined by James Rafferty, Product Line Manager at Dialogic and Dialogic’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Manager Alan Percy for the webinar “Service Reliability of IP-based Communications is Not Optional,”    where the panel will discuss the driving forces behind the increasing demand for IP-based applications services and provide insight into optimizing reliability of large scale the deployments.

How’s your service reliability?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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