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July 26, 2016

Striata: Keeping Our Personal Information Safe

How many people in the U.S. have and use smartphones? The answer is…198.5 million people. These same smartphone users are accessing Internet data via their mobile devices just as much as they do on their PCs and laptops.

Striata, a global customer communications management software and document security technologies company, has created the Secure Document Repository (SDR), which protects their customers from potential security threats.

This program allows its customers to gain access to personal information through the company’s multiple layers of security for each document shared in Striata’s vault. This is a complimentary solution to the company’s Secure Document Deliver solution. It can support any type of electronic document format such as PDF, HTML, images, and other format types. 

“With data breaches occurring more frequently, it is imperative that security is applied to personal information and Striata provides that security for documents containing personal information. The SDR complies with Striata's overall security approach which requires that each confidential document be encrypted at document level as well as database and network level. A total of 6 security layers can be implemented to protect each document stored in the SDR,” said Mia Papanicolaou, CCO, Striata.  

Layer one has a firewall implemented so that only authorized systems can request documents. Layer two makes sure the systems which request documents are authorized by the SDR before the request can be processed. Layer three makes sure that all documents are encrypted at their database level which is the default setting to the program. Layer four is offered to those customers who would like their documents to be securely encrypted at their individual document level, which is an added level of security above layer three. Layer five mentioned that layers three and four can be over and above the original encryption applied when the document was generated prior to insertion. Layer six reinforces that all communications between the SDR and the requesting system (laptop, smartphone, etc.) are encrypted using a secure web protocol or HTTPS. 

When the issue becomes securing the personal information on a mobile device, Papanicolaou said, “Securing the personal information accessed through a mobile device is the responsibility of both the sender and the recipient. It is the sender's responsibility to protect confidential information contained in a personal document by encrypting and password protecting the document no matter where it resides or how it is accessed. It is the responsibility of the device owner to implement device security such as passcodes and auto-locks so that when they open or store a personal document on that device, it cannot be reached if the device is compromised.”

Striata is redefining the steps necessary in protecting the security of the personal information you put out there using your mobile device or any other system. 

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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