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October 14, 2016

Will the FCC have a Mandate with the Next President?

When President Obama was elected the first time, many of the influencers and advocates (because no one wants to be called a lobbyist to their face), with whom I was aligned accepted jobs in the administration.

My full expectation was that we were going to see an Internet-savvy policy made by wonks like me, and advocating for the future. I watched President Obama’s inaugural address with the expectation that “the vision” would be all about broadband to the home and the next wave of mobile communication.

Almost Eight Years.

This next set has said very little about broadband and candidly Congress has been the “leaders” when it comes to the Internet and Telecommunications.

More disappointment.

I am not going to share my view on who should be elected president or should be in Congress.

 I will say that we are living in the most fertile time of communications I have ever experienced. And if you are not feeling like you are riding a wave of innovation, I can only assume it’s because you are either a luddite, or a trekkie that is disappointed that first contact has not been made.

So here is my hope for after the election:

1)    Redesign of the functional aspects of the FCC, where Wireline and Wireless, Cable and Satellite be viewed comprehensively.
2)    Congress reforms the laws and makes jurisdictional boundaries clear as to what states are allowed to regulate (not be communications). This should include a viewpoint on over the top communication. 
3)    A real security and identity strategy, probably managed by the postal system, should be publicly discussed.
4)    Investments be encouraged that bundle solutions for rural communications with credits for urban networkers. Much like the strategy for air pollution markets.
5)    The FTC and the FCC form a joint task force to consider consolidation or role clarification.

Okay, that’s enough pipe dreaming for now. I have several thoughts on tax laws and election reform as well, but candidly, that would take real leadership. All the above just takes admission of the logical outcome.

Hmmm, isn’t it odd that I can’t see a connection between logic and leadership?

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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