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November 28, 2016

Top 10 Apps for Extreme Couponing

By Special Guest
Zuhair Sharif, Marketing Executive

Take control of your money today. There is no denying that a penny saved is penny earned. What about one billion pennies? Debate is still raging over whether or not extreme couponing is really worth the time and effort. The bane of a couponer’s existence is finding and organizing all those tiny rectangles.

Luckily, many retailers and   sites such as mamma, a discount saving website  are starting to offer mobile coupons since they are easier to find and organize on your smartphone. You can also use your smartphone to find the best prices on everything from groceries to Amazon purchases when you don’t have a coupon to use.

So if you’re seeking more ways to save, check out these top 10 apps for extreme couponing.

  1. Target app: This can be used to shop online, manage registries or even store and use those target gift cards you scored over the holidays. You view your local store’s weekly ad on your phone and you can have daily deals and twice-a- month coupons sent directly to your phone.
  2. Walgreens: This app allows you to receive exclusive offers and weekly store ads on your phone. Many extreme couponers love saving on personal healthcare items by combining coupons and sales at local drug stores. You can use a barcode/QR scanner to learn more about products; plus it also makes it possible to refill your prescriptions, check your prescription history, or even order photos straight from your phone.
  3. CVS: CVS pharmacy’s app is similar to the Walgreens app. It gives you exclusive coupons and lets you create a shopping list while checking out the weekly ad. It can also access your ExtraCare points accounts. Also, you can use the app to find your nearest Minute Clinic and check out its hours and services.
  4. Snip snap: This app is ideal for extreme couponers. The app not only captures the coupon, but also stores the expiration date and provides in-store reminders. You can also connect with friends to share coupons.
  5. Shopkick: This free Android and iPhone app gives you exclusive deals for major chains. The app gives you points for just walking into some of the stores and you can redeem the points for rewards later.
  6. Yowza: This free app nixes your need to clip coupons. Just boot it up, and it alerts you to coupons and deals in your geographic area. These coupons only come from merchants, however.
  7. The coupon app: This app helps you save money in a myriad of ways. It gives you daily deals and its database is updated continuously everyday. Coupons are saved to use them later or can be shared with friends.
  8. Grocery smart coupons shopper: This app deals with cross-referencing manufacturer sales with store sales. With this app you can have printed coupons emailed to you
  9. Best coupons and deals: This app allows you to save more on your favorite brands, mostly in restaurants and clothing stores. You can sign up for exclusive offers or push notifications for hot deals. Like with other apps, you can also share deals with friends.
  10. Cardstar: With this iPhone or Android app, you can move all your loyalty cards onto your smartphone by taking a picture of them; stores can scan in your account directly from your phone.

About the Author

Zuhair sharif is a digital marketer, entrepreneur and a freelance writer. He likes to write about productivity, technology, finance and health

Edited by Alicia Young

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