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January 11, 2017

DMI Reveals Top Mobility Trends for 2017

DMI, end-to-end mobility solutions developer, has released its Top Mobility Trends Report for 2017, revealing how reimagined customer service, data insights both big and small, wearable and virtual reality devices, cloud and hybrid technologies and a variety of innovations will impact end-user mobility applications in the coming year. The entire report is available for download here.

Each year, DMI conducts thousands of interviews with customers and partners and collects key insights from customer projects, articles, white papers and general mobility industry trends. This information is then translated into actionable insights to demonstrate how it will impact bottom-line results in the next year while raising awareness of the longer-term technology trends. Below is a sampling from the report:

•           Digital transformation is dead, reimagining the customer experience: Reimagining products, services and processes will be necessary to stay ahead of the competition in a mobile world. Incorporating a lean "Human-Centric Design" to develop faster and more agile applications, managing the multi-device challenge, and customer-centric IoT will be three keys to customer retention and engagement in 2017. The end goal should not be to digitize a company, but rather to deliver better products, services and cost efficiencies to the end user.

•           Bringing a data-driven strategy front and center: Technology teams are facing the challenge of serving data scientists with data sets faster than ever. Identifying the problems that need to be solved, with a focus on expedited access to data sets, and then solving those problems before focusing on tools and moving data to the cloud, will be essential.

•           The winners in cloud, hybrids and accelerating DevOps: As cloud and hybrid technologies become more efficient, faster, enhanced tools for developers will also advance. Quicker release cycles, up to one release a month or more, will gain traction to keep up with customer demand and the competition.

•           From phablets to wearables, who will be the leaders in 2017? Start planning early for iOS11 and the 2017 iPhone release. Also, keep an eye out for how wearables, augmented reality and virtual reality will be designed to solve real problems and why blockchain, artificial intelligent assistants and mobile innovations in automotive will continue to have a significant impact in today's mobile-centric world.

"Mobility has become so quickly ingrained into daily life that consumers have high expectations for a quality experience," said Jay Sunny Bajaj, founder and CEO, DMI. "Year after year, user experience emerges as a key differentiator in terms of satisfaction and brand loyalty, and this year's predictions make it clear that satisfaction is not just about beautiful design but also about meaningful products and services that address user needs. Our goal in all that we do is to help our clients adopt a customer-first approach that informs their entire mobile strategy."

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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