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January 18, 2017

Airfi and AT&T Sign Reseller Agreement

Airfi prides itself on the technological feat of simplifying the development of connected devices. The announcement of its collaboration with AT&T in the form of a reseller agreement isn’t a surprise.

This agreement will enable Airfi to offer its platform and service with AT&T, which is one of the most trusted network brands in North America. They will use their newly formed Catalyst by Airfi, a global turnkey platform to help OEMs launch and monetize cellular services in their connected products.

“Catalyst by Airfi is helping our customers reduce time-to-market and easily take advantage of our 4G LTE connectivity,” said Chris Penrose, president, Internet of Things, AT&T. “The combination of AT&T’s network alongside Airfi’s platform and delivery expertise provides an end-to-end solution and helps reduce complexity for customers.”

Airfi, through the Catalyst platform, will work with AT&T and other wireless carriers globally to make it accessible for their OEM customers to reduce development cycles and speed up time-to-market for connected products. This platform has been helping carriers generate additional revenue by enabling them to more quickly and efficiently support OEMs looking to use their networks, regardless of their size.

“AT&T is one of the most trusted wireless carriers in North America and we are delighted they recognize the unique benefits that Catalyst extends to their customers,” said Dariush Zand, CCO and co-founder, Airfi.

Cellular connectivity can be a hassle for OEMs. Catalyst by Airfi is designed to seamlessly support multiple go-to-market scenarios and is available immediately in North America and will rollout globally throughout 2017.

With this new collaboration between Airfi and AT&T, they are ensuring that OEMs are able to complete their jobs quickly and cost efficiently. Catalyst for Airfi is the answer to how OEMs can fulfill their professional responsibility. By accomplishing this, their companies flourish and new opportunities could arise from their productivity. This is what continues to push these two companies to form new collaborations.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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