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February 13, 2017

3 Points That Help Tackle Enterprise Mobility Challenges

Mobility has become the key enabler of a broader digital transformation, and enterprises are rapidly mobilizing their businesses for better results. Merely allowing the use of mobile devices for business interactions isn’t going to land you anywhere, you need to look out for solutions to manage the mobility.

1. More Focus on Process Mobilization than Technology: New upgrades to mobile devices are launched every year, with new functions, features, and more. Thus, the debate over mobility this year will be focused on how to enhance business processes rather than what devices to use.
Enterprises should be looking for tools and solutions to embrace mobility for their businesses. Platforms like DeviceMax will be showcased to help business managers ensure effective mobilization of business processes, along with the security of corporate and consumer data for better business growth.

2. Platforms for Effective Mobility Management: MWC 2017 will house a number of vendors with their offerings touted as cutting edge. Enterprises should be keen to look into how vendors design their platforms to handle data analysis and management, collaboration, transactions, and process management.

3. The State of the Omnichannel Experience: Expectations of today’s connected customers have changed to consistent, reliable, and convenient experiences with a brand. While dealing with a brand, consumers see all the interaction points as a single entity and expect seamless communication across channels.
With mobility, businesses need to be focused on maintaining the consistent flow of information to its mobile assets, in line with other channels. This can be achieved with effective mobility management tools that allow management, collaboration, and consistent sharing of data to corporate mobile users.

Further, the emergence of IoT could play a part in transforming how enterprises mobilize their business processes. However, business owners should focus on the angle of business process enhancement and transformation with solution vendors.

Enterprises need the right approach & effective mobility solutions to address emerging challenges and enable productive enterprise mobility.

Edited by Alicia Young

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