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March 15, 2017

Apple vs. Android: Why Choose?

It seems like every time there’s a new smartphone released, fans on either side of the Apple vs. Android debate come out of the woodwork to explain why their preferred OS is better than the other. Both sides always have valid points, but there’s still no clear winner. With the release of the last iPhone, though, a lot of features were lost, including the headphone jack, and people began to wonder if Apple had finally met its match.

Truth be told, iPhones have some key features that Androids don’t, and vice versa. Instead of joining in on the fight, though, one entrepreneur asked two very important questions: Why do you have to choose? What if there was a way to bring Android capabilities to Apple devices? From these thoughts, a revolutionary new product was born: Eye.

Eye is a smart iPhone case that brings all the best Android features to iPhone. How? The case actually turns into an Android smartphone screen by running the Android 7.1 Nougat OS on its own chipset. Cases are available for the plus and standard versions of the iPhone 7, 6s and 6, and should be available for the newer iPhone model a month after its release.

Although Eye is still in its Kickstarter phase, it has the potential to be revolutionary once it launches (and I have a feeling it’ll probably get the funding to do just that). Some of the features it promises to bring to iPhone are purely convenience based, like the ability to turn your phone into an infrared remote control for your TV, the metal tag for your car mount, wireless charging, and the always-on display.

Other features are direct responses to complaints iPhone users often have, such as the 2800mAh of power it supplies, which essentially doubles your battery life. Anyone who owns an iPhone or knows someone who does is undoubtedly familiar with how quickly iPhones tend to die. This case fixes that problem by essentially being a massive portable charger. On the same note, it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, up to 256GB of extra storage, and two SIM card slots. With this case, gone are the constant complaints about the lost headphone jack. And you can finally say goodbye to that pesky pop-up informing you that you’ve run out of storage. I can almost hear the choir of angels singing.

In addition, the case is also NFC enabled for better communications and even has an impressive camera that supposedly takes better selfies. Classic Android features the case brings to the table are: native call recording; real file explorer; recognition of unknown numbers (with apps like Truecaller); drag and drop ability to move files between your computer and phone; full customization of OS (including colors, icons, home and lock screen, etc.) and so much more.

Eye’s screen also offers a superior experience because it uses AMOLED display technology, which makes all colors, including real black, much more vibrant on the screen. To compare qualities, the display size and resolution of the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 is only 4.7" and 1334x750. Meanwhile, Eye's screen is 5" and 1920x1080.

Who knew a smartphone case was capable of packing such a powerful punch? Eye has looked into the future, and sees a world where Android and IPhone users can finally get along and live in harmony, because no one is missing out on any great capabilities. You can learn more about Eye here.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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