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April 07, 2017

Orca Wave Reveals New Text Messaging Solution

The revelation that Orca Wave brought out a new text messaging system likely made some scoff so hard it almost tore off the top of their heads. A new text messaging system? How necessary was that? Yet Orca Wave will likely prove a lot of naysayers wrong here as it rolls out bitscio.com, a business-driven text messaging system that focuses on a comparatively untouched direction.

Well-known in the field as a provider of intelligent software for the telecom field, Orca Wave's bitscio system offers not only chat services, but also message gateway application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow businesses to add their own text messaging capabilities. There are even new white-label options available for wireless carriers—or voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) providers—looking to add services to current lineups.

Where the bitscio platform really shines, though, is its ability to be added to current systems. There's no longer a need to find the messaging app to send a text message; rather, it can just be added to current systems. That makes it a lot easier to engage in text messaging, and texting is the current preferred communications method for both millennials and Generation X members alike. It even boasts a “click to text” capability that should have quite a bit of extra impact for retailers and similar customer-facing organizations.

Orca Wave's chief technology officer Mark Schmidt commented, “We saw a gap in the SMS market place to provide ready-to-use text messaging solutions for business.  bitscio can text enable your existing phone lines and allows you to chat with your customers with no developer assembly required.”

So really, what Orca Wave has done here is not provide a new text messaging service—which would immediately have to face down a flood of competitors with widely-entrenched markets—but rather provide a new way for businesses to allow users to text message said businesses. That represents a key plank in any push toward an omnichannel customer experience, and gives customers a new option in terms of getting in touch with a business by a preferred method. Failing to provide such a method can result in lost business, as customers carry out business with those companies that will offer preferred contact methods.

Businesses must not underestimate the value of having a new means to connect with customers, especially when those customers have a clear preference for that means. Orca Wave's bitscio makes it that much easier to connect, and that's a development that should be hard to pass up.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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