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May 04, 2017

Vivaldi Update Gives Consumers Personal Insights

The Vivaldi browser, made by Vivaldi Technologies, recently unveiled its new History feature, which gives users insights into online behavior. The latest release also includes more options for taking notes in the browser, powerful sound control for tabs and other improvements.

“We want to make browsing history more useful than ever before,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies. “Instead of having to scroll through hundreds of lines, Vivaldi gives a comprehensive overview of history, presented in a visual way. This lets our users analyze their online activity and helps them find what they are looking for.”

The History feature lets users explore browsing patterns, with statistics and visual clues. Vivaldi users can quickly scan through visited websites and get helpful hints for finding old URLs. In addition to the list of URLs offered by most browsers, Vivaldi shows history in a calendar view with detailed statistics about previously visited sites. Graphs and a color-coded heat map overlay add to the new browser. They show the peaks of the consumer’s online activity and key browsing trends.

All this data is designed to assist users in locating previously visited web pages even when they can’t remember the right search term. Vivaldi’s history feature puts searches in context. The experience may be easier to find an old URL if the user recalls seeing it on a certain day when they were particularly active online. Vivaldi users can also narrow down the search to a date range either from the monthly view or from the Day Picker Calendar.

“The new History feature shows the kind of data that could be tracked by third parties,” said von Tetzchner. “Instead of trying to monetize our users’ browsing patterns, we are giving them this data – for their eyes only.”

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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