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September 28, 2017

Managing the GIG Economy Workforce with StaffConnect

We all have seen the impact of mobility on how we work.  Remote access is a reality to most of large companies to the point where over 80 percent of the employees are not in at a desk.  What may be lost to many except those in HR is that many “employees” are now temporary or subcontracted with no corporate email. Which begs the question, how do you manage a virtual company?

It feels like so last decade to say “There’s an App for that…” but I have to say I am impressed with the effort made by StaffConnect to bring a virtual workforce under a controlled environment. 

StaffConnect utilizes an App with a management console and expertise process design to help companies keep their “employees emotionally engaged.”  We often talk about touch points, but as the workforce becomes more remote, how does that translate into workflow.?

Staff Connect delivers by making a directory that includes chat capability to all employees using their mobile phone (currently for Apple or Android). Employees are authenticated either by corporate email or employee ID.

The objective is to avoid rogue app conversations (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) that may violate security and privacy issues.  However the StaffConnect App has the same ease of use as these social networking tools with the ability to provide security and group messaging services.

To keep the team engaged, the system enables a community content area that hosts events, push notifications, video, image and text, which are all shared throughout the organization, while enabling role based policy management to assure the quality of the content being shared.

It’s also possible to get immediate feedback from the team with closed loop surveys that allow the organization to get the pulse of operations and to share this information as part of the general content to the company.

StaffConnect analytics allows the company to see the big picture from all these small screens.

One specific case study that Bulent Osman (CEO) highlighted was the YMCA of North Carolina.  StaffConnect manages a dynamic team, which swells from 300 employees to 5000 team members in the summer.  Besides the daunting task of bringing so many team members on line, its designed for literally the next generation.


Edited by Ken Briodagh

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