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January 10, 2018

Huawei LiTRA3.0 Advances Operator Services in the Public Safety Sector

Are you interested in obtaining the newest version of radio access systems, which uses trunking technology?

Huawei released LiTRA3.0, the company’s new version of the LTE integrated trunked radio access system for MBB trunking communications. Huawei’s 3GPP-compliant LiTRA solution is perfect for trunking communications in the public safety sector.

Their solution allows for the best possible use of the ubiquitous, high-quality LTE networks. Customers who purchase this product can simply add a LiTRA server and upgrade the eNodeB software to deploy this solution.

What does the LiTRA3.0 offer? The device provides not only traditional voice PTT functionality. It also offers trunked professional multimedia services, which include visual communications, video surveillance, file transfer and geographical information system collaboration.

LiTRA3.0 takes advantage of the broad bandwidth and low latency of LTE networks. With assistance of the smart center and of video surveillance, LiTRA3.0 enables commanders to quickly learn of and respond to on-site situations and deliver instructions to smart police terminals. In this way, public safety can be guaranteed conveniently with fewer police.

"Trunking communications technologies for public safety have evolved from being fragmented to being standardized. Huawei's LiTRA3.0 solution complies with 3GPP specifications and utilizes LTE networks to provide trunking communications services for public safety, transportation, oil, mining, and other industries. Building trunking communications networks on top of LTE networks has inherent advantages in terms of wide coverage, low costs, and large capacity. Therefore, LTE networks are the best bearers for trunking communications," said Veni Shone, president, Huawei LTE Product Line.

Can the mobile broadband network for public safety be built as a private virtual network? Yes, the mobile broadband network for public safety can be constructed as a private virtual network on top of the existing public LTE network and share the LTE spectra. By doing this combination can reduce the network construction costs.

The LTE-based public safety solution not only contributes to a safer city and but also to the business growth of mobile operators and this vertical industry. The LiTRA solution, complying with 3GPP specifications and providing open APIs, will be applied to a wider range of vertical industries.

Huawei works with its customers and partners in building an open and cooperative ecosystem to achieve win-win results. The company is eager to work with trunking vendors for the prosperous development of the professional trunking industry as a whole. 

By working with the trunking industry they in turn are assisting in the safety of the public, which is an important part of the LiTRA3.0 goal.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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