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February 21, 2018

Getting Over IT with Over the Top: Cloudonix

Attending ITEXPO, I had the chance to interview CEO Nir Simionovich and COO Eric Klein of Cloudonix.  As the name would suggest, they are a cloud communications platform and is designed to provide end-to-end Internet communications, to the edge. However, they represent a different perspective on how Communication as a Service [CAAS] should be implemented.

Their starting point is that the continued reliance on PSTN technologies and continued fear of Over the Top [OTT] technologies is irrational and backward thinking for our day and age.   

In contrast to traditional CaaS platforms, Cloudonix is designed from the ground up with security, privacy, compliancey and best of breed technologies. Its utilization of advanced CODEC technology [OPUS / H.264], single usage authorization tokens, and zero knowledge operational paradigms promote a near blockchain identification strategy and security.  Thus, promoting built-in fraud prevention mechanisms while promoting user privacy and anomality.

Having focused on making Cloudonix OTT, and less PSTN, has made them an SDK alternative to other CaaS systems like Twilio, Nexmo, Sinch, etc.  Rather than forcing apps into DID/SMS interfaces the paths (like Apple’s Facetime) are direct.  This also enables them to reduce the traffic from configuration updates and session “keep alives.”

The markets that can adopt this include Automotive, CLECs, Financial / Security firms and others seeking to maximize their control and reduce costs of their mobile applications. 

I often quote Henry Sinnreich, the original SIP evangelist, who told us to let the PSTN die on its own. I believe Nir, Eric and the team at Cloudonix have fulfilled that vision and are delivering on that goal.  As Henry would point out, there is no need for unified communications solutions because the Internet is provides the unity.  If you want to truly be over the top as an application, you should see for yourself what you can do with their SDK.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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