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May 29, 2018

How Mobile Technology Will Dominate the Future of Business

By Special Guest
David Fournier, Correspondent

It is really astonishing to have the power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in several different ways by the help of a small device that can easily fit into your pocket. There are always something new waiting for us in the queue and we can’t help but just wait and wonder what technological marvels are coming next.

Today, Mobile device is playing a big role in our daily life as well as it is also helping business and companies to build their mobile capabilities. This mobile software can easily connect individual mobile applications with each other as well as also connect all the corporate applications and systems properly.

Mobile Technology in Digital and Physical Integration
Mobile technology today is changing the way of business to the point where most companies are trying to find out to build their business in online mobile world. Mobile devices thus slowly adding technologies in our daily life with all latest updates every year. It is rare to see today anyone without a smart-phone at any given time giving us access to practically infinite information in the real world. We are already using latest mobile technology in different business like site to store purchasing, enabling online customers to buy products from any physical location but with the help of online apps but the next level can be more integration between digital worlds with physical realities. There are lots of online brands and ecommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc. will having more physical products and some offline or physical brands like Wallmart etc. will having more digital features like products trials and store maps etc. So, we can see that Mobile technology has already captured the ecommerce market business of buying products through online.

Travelling Business
People are used to today of getting everything on demand via phone apps. Today there are thousands of apps available through the world to get rides from one place to another place with the help of UBER or OLA or any other mobile apps. Thus, people are involving in such business more and more. According to the forecast, you can check what’s coming next and according to this you can prepare your marketing strategies.

Other On-Demand Business
Today there are thousands of mobile apps businesses for different purpose of day to day requirement in our life. Surprises can come from different directions including food deliveries, raw materials from market like vegetables, fruits as well as place to stay or hotel booking etc. which today can easily done through the help of mobile. So, every business in these platforms should require developing their own app so that they can get more business through mobile marketing device.

Entertainment Business
Mobile technology apps are not only limited to daily requirement of people but people are getting interest in different entertainment world of gaming apps. People can now play different game, check out live score and even can buy mega millions tickets and lots more with the help of mobile apps. So, entertainment businesses are in prime demand. Thus, business in this field can be one of the best future business industries.

We all know that the world of business is changing and following consumers requirement with their head-long jump into mobile technology but the speed of such changes are happening which already started so fast that will shock everyone.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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