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October 19, 2018

The Drone Revolution: What makes them so fascinating?

There’s no doubt about it: drones have taken off in a big way — pardon the pun. And video camera-equipped drones are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Whether it’s the chance to capture unique experiences and moments from the air or having fun with a helicopter-style device, drones are becoming useful in many ways. As a result, they are disrupting a broad range of industries, transforming them from state-of-the-art military machines to must-have consumer products.

In the U.K. alone, between 2014 and 2017, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reported an 80 percent increase in the number of permits issued for using drones. That means, aside from being an expensive, flashy toy, many businesses are starting to experience the benefits of drone technology. Namely, drones are transforming the work of video production companies, allowing them to provide unique aerial footage that adds a fresh perspective to everything from marketing trailers to wedding videos.

Drones are also starting to infiltrate building sites for 21st-century monitoring. Their ability to capture high-resolution images can be hugely beneficial for firms surveying sites and looking to spot areas requiring critical maintenance and repair. The U.K.’s Network Rail firm is already utilizing drones as part of its plans to digitize Britain’s railway network in 3D. The drones can follow teams of people along the track and take crystal-clear imagery. Take the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, for instance, which is built to act as a quadcopter. It’s exceptionally nimble, with a top speed of 72kmph. Better still, its 4K “intelligent camera” can stalk your every move thanks to a built-in GPS system and innovative four-direction obstacle avoidance technology.

The advertising sector is also experiencing a boom thanks to drones, with “drone-vertizing” helping brands to immerse themselves in the consumer psyche by flying drones with subliminal messaging. In effect, it’s almost acting as a flying billboard. In the world of e-commerce where stock control and inventory monitoring within warehouses the sizes of multiple football pitches is everything, drones are increasingly adopted, alongside industrial automation software, to improve efficiencies. Drones can photograph products and scan their barcodes to manage stock and ensure retailers have an optimal number in stock, minimizing waste and saving on human labor.

The possibilities for drones are somewhat limitless as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) believes more than seven million drones will operate in our skies by the turn of the next decade. For perspective, at any one time during a day, there are 39,000 airplanes in the sky. Drones won’t only be capable of delivering your next Chinese takeaway or that last-minute Christmas present, but they’ll also protect the public and workers, helping to keep the peace and save lives.

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