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April 29, 2019

What Are the Common Mistakes People Make When Building Landing Page?

There is no use of getting loads of website traffic when it is not performing the tasks that you expect them to do. These tasks can be making a purchase, register for an event, subscribe to your web content, or request more information pertaining to a service or a product. This is because of a few common types of errors that are made by the business that you need to avoid at the time of creating landing pages.

Importance of a landing page to a business marketing campaign

A landing page is also called as a lead webpage. It is the page on the website that is shown to the user when they click on any paid advertisement or a result on search engine. The basic objective of a landing webpage is to transform your website visitors into sales or leads.

If the landing page of your website is poorly designed or written, then it would cost you conversions. A/B tests can check the placement of the different elements on the landing page to raise the conversion rate (for more:  https://landingi.com/blog/a-b-testing-step-by-step).  

Landing page in a website plays a major role in any inbound marketing strategy of a business. This will help in maximizing lead generation in a business

Not adequate information

Your landing page has to be designed in a way that describes what you intend to offer and what value is it going to provide to the user. If the description that your page provides is too unclear and inaccurate or does not provide the much-needed detail, then there are very fewer chances of conversion.

A landing page should tell your website visitors about the topics that will get addressed in the webinar, and what value are attendees going to get from it. These pages should provide background information that will develop credibility of the website in the eyes of visitors.

A lot of information

A lot of information embedded in the page can hurt your business. Instead of writing all information at once, you can make use of bullet points to highlight major points without making the reader overwhelmed.

The right way to begin a landing page is with a brief introduction. Now proceed by breaking out on the value proposition into small and digestible points. This will help your page to effectively communicate the value of your marketing software.

Cluttered page

Remove clutter from the landing page to maximize its potential. Cluttered page that contains a lot of irrelevant images can result in an increase in the load time of the page. This can make website visitors frustrated from endlessly waiting for the page to load.  Ultimately, it will cause them to leave your website and move to other websites.


Landing pages are seen as a significant tool for any website. One of the major advantages of this page is that it results in increased lead generation. If you really want to make compelling landing pages that can convert, you need to guard yourself against committing all these mistakes in landing page development.

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