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June 07, 2019

6 Useful Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know

For some people, an iPhone is the epitome of smartphone technology. In addition to the exceptional product quality, iPhone owners appreciate the user-friendly interface, and since the software is exclusively designed to work with the hardware, users have a greater sense of security and privacy. But since an iPhone is essentially a small portable computer, it has immense potential which you can harness with a few simple tricks and by making sure that you download the best and most useful apps available today. Here are ten tips and valuable tricks for making the most out of your iPhone.

Optimize security with a VPN connection

If you think that using an iPhone protects you from hackers, think again. Since mobile phones are the primary devices used to access the internet, it is possible to hack an iPhone, especially if you are fond of using public Wi-Fi and unsecured connections. By configuring a VPN on your iPhone, you can choose a server depending on your needs. Although VPN users have the option to select any server they want, it is best to use a server that is closest to your location to avoid slowing down your connection.

Using Google Search on your phone

Regardless of if you are a diehard iPhone fan, Google Search is still the most powerful engine out there. What you can do is download Gboard and use it instead of your standard keypad. Aside from being able to search using Google, you can also use it to search GIFs easily.

Do you love Reddit?

Most people today use Reddit to peruse internet content, but it can become complicated if you are using your phone. What you can do is use an app like Apollo, which is designed to give iOS users a Reddit reading experience suited for the device.

Use your phone as a budget tracker

These days, you can use your phone for virtually anything. One handy app you can download on your iPhone is Mint, which consolidates your banking information in one place. What this does is allow you a birds-eye view on how much you spent on specific commodities such as gas, groceries, and clothing. Aside from being able to track your spending, you also have additional tools such as setting reminders for bills.

Maximize the use of your Notes app

This tip does not require you to download an app. Instead, you can use the Notes app on your iPhone to scan important files and documents. All you need to do is take a photo of the material and use the ‘scan’ feature of your Notes app to convert the file.

Safety while driving

For some people, using a phone while driving is inevitable. However, it is a fact that accidents can happen if you are not focused on the road. Your iPhone has a ‘do not disturb while driving’ feature which you can activate. This feature works when you are driving at a certain speed, and the phone will automatically mute all phone calls, messages, and notifications. Your phone will also send an automatic text to whoever is calling that you are on the road and driving.


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