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August 14, 2019

A Look at the Real Benefits of Smart Cards for Your Business or Organization

Smart cards are increasingly being used by numerous businesses and organizations today, especially since they are easily kept or stored and they can have a variety of uses which encompass security and access, financial transactions, and so much more. So, what are smart cards, and what makes them beneficial to you? Here’s a look at the real benefits of smart cards for your business or organization.

The basics of smart cards

Essentially speaking a smart card is a card that features an embedded chip that stores information or processes data (depending on the chip type). These can be used for a wide range of applications and can securely store data and communicate this to a reader. These cards can be either contact, meaning you have to insert the card into the reader or contactless, meaning you can simply tap the card against a reader. An example of this would be a modern bank card, that most people carry in their purse or wallet.  The smart card is often made from PVC, but it can be made from other materials as well, including PETG and PET (which are not only durable), polycarbonate or PC, which shows high resistance to UV, flexing, and heat, and ABS, which is resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact as well.

Access control

Perhaps smart cards are known best as cards which can give a person access to a particular area. If your business is concerned about access and security, rather than have your employees and staff simply wear a standard ID, you can provide them with smart cards which can allow or limit their access to sensitive locations or places. Smart cards can definitely enhance the security in your premises since only those with a card will be able to enter an area – and it can help you do away with security personnel in some locations as well because the smart card will act as your own security screening element. A lot of government organizations have already taken to using smart cards, and educational institutions have also taken the step too.

The good news is that you can even print your own smart cards with the use of a special ID card printer, and there are different kinds from which you can choose. For instance, you can opt for a printer with a secure watermark which is printed on the surface of the card. Another kind of printer is one which can make use of a dye to imprint a stamp (which is permanent) onto the card’s laminate. You can also choose printers based on the security features they can offer; some have highly advanced features for areas which require the highest security as well.

Financial transactions

Whilst standard cards have already been in use for various financial transactions, today’s smart cards are more enhanced. You can use them in the transport industry for commuters, as we already know, but you can also make use of smart cards for cashless payments, which make financial transactions a lot quicker and easier, not just for your customers, but for your business as well.

There are different kinds of smart cards available today, and these smart cards provide more than adequate solutions not only for access but also for cashless payments, as mentioned, as well as membership, time and attendance, mobile access, and more.

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