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August 27, 2019

What's the Best ID Card Printer?

ID cards are now an essential part of modern life. ID cards are used in a variety of settings from offices to schools, and hospitals to gyms. Using ID cards means businesses and organizations are more secure, and customers can more conveniently enter and exit their place of work or leisure. ID cards can also serve other purposes, such as cashless vending or loyalty scheme cards.

Printing your own ID cards, as well as visitor badges and temporary passes, has a number of excellent benefits. But how do you choose the right ID printer for your needs? Here’s how…

Don’t Just Look at Price

Of course, price is important, and everyone has a budget. Your budget may be pretty tight. But choosing an ID printer based on price and price alone could be a false economy. There are other factors to consider as well as price – the cheapest printer may not necessarily be the best option for your needs. It is more important to look at overall value rather than simply price.

Consider Your Volume Needs

Think about what you need your printer to do. How many cards do you need, and will this amount change in the future? Printing a lot of cards on a printer designed for low volumes could cause a malfunction in the near future. If you know that you need a lot of ID cards, look for a machine that can easily handle higher volumes.

Think About the Future

It is also a good idea to look for a high-volume printer if you expect your needs to change in the future, otherwise, you will have to buy a new printer to cope with the new number of cards. Also, think about how your business and your outlook will change – for example, do you need to consider adding extra features to cards in the future? Look for a printer that you can upgrade, if necessary.

Look for More Durable Cards

You don’t want to replace cards more than necessary. Printers can handle a variety of features that make cards more durable, such as lamination or a more durable print surface. Look at the printers that can offer these features in order to save costs in the long run.

Make Sure You’re Secure

Many organizations require high level security, while others simply need to be secure. You may need a specialized ID printer if your security needs are high. There are many different features such as holographic laminates that can make cards more secure. Look into these options if they are useful.

Check Out the Whole Package

Buy a printer from a vendor that specializes in this technology. And consider a company that offers a buying service, advice, and customer care service. All this is important when you are purchasing a piece of equipment like an ID printer that will be a significant investment for your organization.

By looking at ID printers with a wide lens, you can purchase the printer that will best suit your needs, and which will help your organization function more smoothly and securely.

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