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July 29, 2020

Rent the latest laptop for your study or work?

Are you looking for a new laptop to work on or study, but is the purchase amount too much? Or do you just want to use a good laptop carefree, including a full service guarantee? Then renting a brand new and high-quality laptop is not surprising.

Or do you often work with temporary staff? Then you often need temporary workplaces. We like to think along with you about the correct configuration and install the required software if desired. Then your new colleague can also start immediately. At Flex IT Rent you can rent laptops (translated to Dutch: laptop huren) for as long as you need. 

The top 3 laptops for your new workplace

  1. HP Pavilion 15-cs0925nd

With the HP Pavilion 15-cs0925nd you can come out! This ultra hip and light laptop is easy to take anywhere. Not only is it very hip but also super fast and user-friendly. The battery lasts a long time so that you can continue working on the train. The panel type is IPS, which means that the color reproduction is excellent. Moreover, it is also suitable for editing photos. You can also watch great movies or series when you are on the road or lying in bed. In short, it doesn't matter if you use this laptop for entertainment or business, it's at your service!

  1. Dell XPS 13

Our second recommendation is the Dell XPS 13. This laptop from Dell has been one of the favorites among laptops for years and the latest 2020 model is no exception. The laptop is fairly pricey, but this is well worth it. The laptop has a light design and is equipped with enough power with its Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and an "Infinity Edge" screen. This laptop continues to be popular among Windows laptops, and the latest model is equipped with a battery that lasts even longer, and the webcam is placed at the top center of the screen, rather than the bottom, upon popular demand.

Pro tip: For many people, the iPad is the screen they view the most, it is the most widely used monitor for mail, social media, apps and more. However, ordinary computers also have a role to play. Let your iPad work with your Mac or PC to literally broaden your view of the computer world. Rent iPads (translated to Dutch: ipad huren) for a presentation, congress, exhibition or other projects? You can use our iPad rental for any business occasion. 

  1. Acer Swift 3 (2020)

The most popular Ultrabooks out there can cost a fortune. After all, you have to pay for that thin and light form factor. That is not the case with the Acer Swift 3 (2020). This is an Ultrabook for the average person due to its low asking price for that lightweight design, decent battery life and brand new specs that are great for multi-tasking. It certainly has all the features of the best student laptop, including a design that could be confused with a MacBook Pro.


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