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December 08, 2020

10 tips for new iPhone users

Getting an iPhone is like a dream come true for many smartphone users. Whether you have shifted from Android to iOS, got your first smartphone or upgraded your old iPhone, exploring all-new iPhone features is exciting. As the iPhone comes with multiple useful features and capabilities, many new users need time to use their device to its full potential. To get you started, here is a list of 10 tips for new iPhone users that will help you in using your new device like a pro.

1. Shake to Undo

Sometimes, we accidentally delete a long sentence and then have to type it all over again. However, the iPhone has a secret feature that allows users to ’undo’ our actions extremely easily, simply by shaking your iPhone from side to side. This will bring up the undo/redo dialogue box where you can either select your preferred option or cancel and close. To enable this action, go to Settings, select Accessibility, choose Touch and turn on the ‘Shake to Undo’ option.

2. Recover Deleted Photos

When you scroll down under your Photos app, you will come across a “Recently Deleted” folder under utilities. This folder will hold all the photos that have been deleted for 30 days, before deleting them permanently from your device. If you wish to recover any deleted photos, open the Photos app and go to Recently Deleted Album. Here you will find the “Select” option at the top right corner of the screen. Select all the photos that you want to return to your iPhone and then tap “Recover” that appears at the bottom right of the screen. You can also check out our blog for more info about recovering deleted iPhone photos.

3. Delete the last digit in Calculator App

Using the iPhone’s Calculator can be a bit tricky for new iPhone users. While using the Calculator app many new iPhone users use the C or AC buttons to clear all the numbers even if they have entered only one wrong digit. However, you can simply swipe left or right to clear the last digit entered instead. With every swipe, you will remove one digit till the number becomes zero.

4. Scan QR Codes with the Camera App

Although the iPhone has a separate QR scanner, you can easily use the Camera App to detect and scan a QR code. To try this function, open the Camera app and point your phone’s camera to a QR code. Your phone will translate this QR code into its corresponding URL. You will also see a pop-up on your phone’s screen where the camera will ask if you want to open the URL in Safari. This is especially handy as the hospitality industry moves to QR codes for features like check ins and menus due to Covid-19.

5. Limit Your Screen Time

Many of us get are addicted to our smartphones without even realising. Thankfully, the iPhone allows users to monitor their Screen Time and limit their usage. From daily to weekly, you can analyse the number of hours you have spent on your iPhone. It will also give you details about the total time you spend on each app, the number of times you looked at your phone, the number of notifications received, etc. To restrict your phone usage, you can go to Settings and either select a Downtime or enable Apps and Communication Limits.

6. Customise Auto-correct Text Replacements

To help you type faster, your phone comes with a QuickType keyboard. While iOS is pretty good at auto-correct, it can also be trained to guess words while you are typing. You can do this by customizing your auto-correct text replacements. Additionally, you can add your personal favourite abbreviations and full phrases. So, when you enter these abbreviations, your phone will automatically expand them and replace your shortcut with full phrases. To set up a customised shortcut go to Settings, tap General, choose Keyboard and select Text Replacement.

7. Optimise your Charging

To enhance the life of your iPhone’s battery, you can optimise its charging capability. When you turn on “Optimised Battery Charging”, your iPhone adapts to your daily charging routine and waits to finish charging after 80% until you need to use your phone. This slows down your iPhone’s battery ageing. To enable this feature open Settings, select Battery, press Battery Health and turn on “Optimised Battery Charging”.

8. Customise Control Centre

The Control Centre gives users fast access to frequently used controls such as network connectivity, media playback, screen rotation, brightness, etc. To increase your iPhone’s efficiency, you can customise the Control Centre by changing some of its displayed icons. To configure Control Centre based on your preferences, go to Settings, select Control Centre and tap Customise Controls. Here you can select the icons you wish to see in your Control Centre.

9. Find Hidden Symbols in your Keyboard

Many iPhone users do not know that there are multiple symbols hiding inside their keyboard. If you can’t find a symbol on the keyboard, try to long-press a symbol button and see the alternative symbols that the button can offer. For example, when you long-press the Dollar key, you will find alternative symbols of different currencies such as Euro, Pound, Yen, etc. and if you long-press the ‘0’ (zero) button, you will see the degrees symbol.

10. Add effects to iMessages

Using iMessage to text your friends and family can be fun. Rather than sending boring and dull messages, you can add effects to your message. To access the different effects, long-press the send icon after typing a message. You will find several options under Bubble and Screen effects and choose the effect you wish to apply on your message. You can also draw pictures in your Message by selecting the Digital Touch option. When you tap this icon, a black canvas will appear where you can doodle anything of your choice and send it as a message.

Now that you are familiar with the amazing features of your iPhone, it is time to experiment with these features and give your iPhone a more personal touch. The above tips will not only make it easier for you to use your iPhone but will make your device usage fun and productive.

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