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September 28, 2011

Apriva Brings Security to Mobile Environments with Latest Release

Those searching for a solution that provides highly secure voice, e-mail and data communications for mobile environments just got their wish as Apriva has unveiled the Apriva Secure Communication Suite (SCS).

The SCS incorporates Apriva’s highly secure authentication, voice technology and mobile S/MIME e-mail to create a seamless end-to-end secure solution that can address the mobile security needs of businesses and all levels of government. Apriva is a provider of wireless transactions and secure information solutions.

“In highly regulated industries such as healthcare or banking and finance, there is an ever-present need to ensure sensitive information is secure from interception when it is being transmitted,” James Lawrence, vice president of Apriva ISS, told MobilityTechzone of the suite. “In addition, for businesses engaged in cutting edge innovation and invention, maintaining the security of intellectual property is of paramount importance.  The modern R&D landscape can incorporate geographically distributed facilities, remote-workers, and mobile-workers.  Securing communications between all parties and locations significantly reduces the risk of unintentional disclosure without impeding the efficiencies enabled by a highly flexible development environment.”

“Almost every day we see reports of malicious attacks seeking to compromise, intercept, or eavesdrop on voice and data communications,” he added. “This constant barrage of attacks opens the door for serious financial harm to businesses that deal with sensitive information, whether it is their own proprietary information or private client data.  As the frequency and sophistication of these attacks continues to increase, it is critically important for businesses to ensure the security of sensitive information through aggressive encryption technology.”

In an effort to promote mobile environment security, Apriva will rely on its authentication technology to corroborate the identity of the user; only authorized individuals will have access to data stored on the mobile device or the systems and networks accessed from the mobile device. Apriva’s authentication technology helps organizations meet the demands of privacy laws and compliance with stringent government HSPD-12 (Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12) security regulations including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), according to company officials.

The SCS enables interoperability with existing government secure telephones (SCIP 231 Protocol, utilizing Suite B cryptography) thanks to Apriva Voice, the secure VoIP solution. Smartphones that use Apriva Voice can call any PSTN or mobile phone anywhere in the world without the use of add-on devices, and when calling another SCIP enabled secure phone or another Apriva Voice client, the call can negotiate to the For Official Use Only (FOUO) level.

AprivaMail, Apriva’s proven full-featured mobile S/MIME mail application, rounds out the SCS solution by ensuring email and email attachments are transmitted using strong Suite B encryption, according to company officials. U.S. government classified devices rely on the same type of secure mail application for up to secret and top secret communications.

When asked what the goal of the Apriva Secure Communication Suite is, Lawrence said, “The Apriva Secure Communication Suite provides enterprise users with access to technology that is used for secret and top secret governmental communications.  Users will be able to employ the components of the suite that meet their business needs.  Customer benefits include reduction in losses or fines associated with intentional interception, or unintentional disclosure of sensitive information, and the ability of developers to maintain the secrecy necessary to be first to market with a new product or solution.”

The Apriva Secure Communication Suite will most likely find a home in several vertical markets because of its ability to meet many market demands, according to company officials.

“Apriva Secure Communications Suite can provide cost-effective communications security for local, state, and federal government entities, as well as businesses in highly regulated sectors including healthcare, energy, and financial services,” Lawrence said. “Large commercial enterprises requiring protection of intellectual property and secrets could also benefit from deploying the Apriva Secure Communications Suite.”

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