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October 26, 2011

LocaLoop, Runcom Deliver Affordable 4G Broadband Internet to Rural Users

To deliver affordable 4G broadband Internet to rural markets, mobile Internet innovator LocaLoop, Inc., in collaboration with Israeli-based Runcom Technologies, has unveiled the industry’s first turn-key 4G broadband solution for Internet services to rural and remote users. This 4G solution is a result of the global strategic marketing and technology agreement inked between the two companies last March.

Enhanced Online News reports that LocaLoop has developed the solution based on its patented cloud technology platform, LocaLoopNet and Runcom’s leading-edge standard 4G hardware products. Runcom’s hardware is specifically adapted to low density markets and fine tuned to work seamlessly with LocaLoop’s virtualized software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, said LocalLoop.

As per the report, the two companies are introducing the solution at 4G World in Chicago, October 24-27.

Conventional perception is that delivering mobile broadband Internet outside of dense population areas is too costly to implement and deliver. However, LocalLoop thinks that is no longer true. The company claims that its patented cloud-based platform leapfrogs the legacy on-premises OSS/BSS systems, used by incumbent wireless carriers, for a fraction of the cost and eliminates the need for a local NOC.

In a statement, Carl-Johan Torarp, LocaLoop founder and CEO, said, “Six months ago LocaLoop and Runcom came together to create a profitable turn-key 4G solution for rural service providers.” He added, “Today we are making good on that promise.”

Similarly, Runcom Technologies CEO Moshe Levinson commented, “Our products are engineered to meet industry standards with a level of quality that has established Runcom as an innovative industry leader in the global wireless broadband industry… Working with LocaLoop, we have adapted our hardware specifically to deliver 4G WiMAX broadband service economically in low density areas,” noted Levinson.

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