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December 07, 2011

Towerstream and 8coupons Partner Up to Offer Geo-targeted Daily Deals

Towerstream Corporation, a leader in providing 4G service and Wi-Fi to consumers is partnering with 8coupons, the largest portal for local and daily deals. The partnership will offer a geo-targeted daily deals through Towerstream’s Manhattan Wi-Fi network.

Many New Yorkers travel through the city hoping to find some free Wi-Fi from restaurants, malls, and local shops. Now, when connecting to Towerstream’s network they will be able to discover nearby deals offers provided by 8coupons.

8coupons currently pulls deals from its other popular sites including LivingSocial and Groupon, which offer a list of deals within your city. 8coupons currently has a network of 500,000 live geo-targeted offers coming from daily deal partners. 8coupon collects deal information from just about everywhere to provide multiple deals to users via the Internet or by using their own app.

Towerstream, which was founded in 2000, has established networks in high level markets including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami to name a few. In 2011, Towerstream launched its Manhattan Wi-Fi network geared towards local residents.

Peter Clifford, director of Wi-Fi Business Solutions at Towerstream told Yahoo News that this new partnership is all about taking the Towerstream Wi-Fi to the next level. “Towerstream believes 8coupons is an ideal partner in our strategy to monetize our carrier class Wi-Fi network in Manhattan,” said Clifford. 

Clifford explained that this not only benefits Towerstream, but frequent deal hunters as well. “Geo-targeted deals from 8coupons combined with our advanced network, makes for an exciting fit, especially for Manhattan users who crave connectivity and who are passionate about their pursuit to find the best deals,” said Clifford.

Matt Moskowitz, director of Marketing at 8coupons told Yahoo News that they are offering something very unique. “Not only are we providing free public Wi-Fi, we are also connecting New Yorkers to great deals within walking distance to where they are at that exact moment,” said Moskowitz.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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