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December 15, 2011

Oracle Communications Crunches Numbers Much Faster Than Expected: 1 Billion LTE Event Records per Hour

Today, Oracle lifted the veil on its performance tests on communications services. The results came from a setup of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM), which ran on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Three Oracle Exadata DB Machine racks running the company's own version of Enterprise Linux were tested in total.

The test demonstrated that this setup delivers extreme performance, much beyond expectations of today's industries, in communications services for providers that want to make their processes gain a competitive edge.

The test took advantage of some complex pricing scenarios from an undisclosed US service provider. The test measured 3GPP Long-Term Evolution (LTE) performance for the average heavy provider with 100 million subscribers, friend & family account pricing plans with shared discounts, and multi-service pricing for services such as voice, SMS, and web data. Basically, the company simulated a company much like AT&T.

The result: 926 million event detail records (EDR) in one hour. That's literally double the requirement and expectation of the service provider that participated in the test. The LTE processing speed also impressed other large service providers, exceeding their expectations beyond what they imagined possible.

If you don’t understand what this means, Oracle just proved to the world that its machines can process the calls of all seven billion people on the planet in one day if they ever decided to all make a phone call on the same morning.

“These results are truly groundbreaking, representing the highest throughput findings ever published in this industry, and demonstrating the power of our integrated hardware and software solution to enable communications service providers to meet increasingly complex billing needs as mobile broadband growth and data consumption scale with the proliferation of next-generation network technology,” said Bhaskar Gorti, SVP and general manager at Oracle Communications.

Gorti continued, “Oracle is committed to publishing detailed performance test results such as these to equip communications service providers with the comprehensive data they need to evaluate our solutions' benefits. Communications service providers should expect, and indeed require, that all suppliers serving the industry adopt similar transparent practices.”

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is a professional writer with experience in computer sciences, technology, and gadgets. He has written for multiple technology and travel outlets and owns his own tech blog called The Tech Guy, where he writes educational, informative, and sometimes comedic articles for an audience that is less versed in technology.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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